10 Days: Notice!

Well, it’s nearly a year since last blog post, LOL … but our forum’s “open house” policy is finally, officially ending on Friday, October 25th 2013.

This is a 10-Days Alert Notice that it’s actually happening this time.

If you’re already a member, especially mid-west area, Michigan, Northern Ohio, etc residents, but have not logged in for a while, and unaware of what we’ve been working on, please stop by and check out the “3-Stage Plan & Forum Reboot” and “Focus Group” forum topic sections to see what’s up lately.

E-mail on this will be going out to all members later today too: check your in-box.

Anyone interested who has not yet registered an account on our forum, you’re still welcome to join in the next 10 days, while the open-house remains in effect. After we are “closed” again, you’ll need a reference from an existing member.

Here’s a direct link to the registration page  :  Detroit Blackjack Team – Registration


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3 Responses to“10 Days: Notice!”

  1. Daryl says:

    Still waiting for account to be approved.

  2. hugo says:

    Waiting for account to be approved.. very want to join the team

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