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Midwest AP Bash 2014

For all Detroit Blackjack Team website forum members who may be interested in attending the upcoming “Midwest AP Bash” EVENT, it’s currently in planning stage and coming up soon, for late-spring or early-summer time frame, most likely to be held here in lovely central Michigan area.

Check out our “Midwest AP Bash 2014” topic posted in the Visitor Lobby forum area, and send us a PM or e-mail to let us know you’re interested. (Note: members will need to pass a vetting process to ensure our group is not infiltrated by the usual lurking casino security goons, but we’ll do our best not to exclude any genuinely qualified & deserving people…)


10 Days: Notice!

Well, it’s nearly a year since last blog post, LOL … but our forum’s “open house” policy is finally, officially ending on Friday, October 25th 2013.

This is a 10-Days Alert Notice that it’s actually happening this time.

If you’re already a member, especially mid-west area, Michigan, Northern Ohio, etc residents, but have not logged in for a while, and unaware of what we’ve been working on, please stop by and check out the “3-Stage Plan & Forum Reboot” and “Focus Group” forum topic sections to see what’s up lately.

E-mail on this will be going out to all members later today too: check your in-box.

Anyone interested who has not yet registered an account on our forum, you’re still welcome to join in the next 10 days, while the open-house remains in effect. After we are “closed” again, you’ll need a reference from an existing member.

Here’s a direct link to the registration page  :  Detroit Blackjack Team – Registration


Forum “Open House” Ending

Just a reminder: the Detroit Blackjack Team’s “Open House” policy on approving new Forum member accounts is ending soon, probably before the end of the year.

We’re returning to our policy of requiring a current member referral for any NEW member.

Our site Admin has written elsewhere that a news/info announcement about this, about the team’s re-activation and future plans, will soon be made on the Forum. This announcement has been “coming soon” for almost a year, LOL, but I’m pretty sure it’s really happening this time (based on other stuff I’ve talked about lately with other team members).

So if you’re reading this & you haven’t registered on the Forum yet, better do it now.

Here’s a direct link to the registration page: Detroit Blackjack Team – Registration


P.S. {Edit, Jan 2013} Oops, seems like a delay again, but it IS still coming. There’s a special “Focus Group” topic going on now on the Forum to discuss this: current members interested in participating, check the forum post for how to get access to it.