Forum “Open House” Ending

Just a reminder: the Detroit Blackjack Team’s “Open House” policy on approving new Forum member accounts is ending soon, probably before the end of the year.

We’re returning to our policy of requiring a current member referral for any NEW member.

Our site Admin has written elsewhere that a news/info announcement about this, about the team’s re-activation and future plans, will soon be made on the Forum. This announcement has been “coming soon” for almost a year, LOL, but I’m pretty sure it’s really happening this time (based on other stuff I’ve talked about lately with other team members).

So if you’re reading this & you haven’t registered on the Forum yet, better do it now.

Here’s a direct link to the registration page: Detroit Blackjack Team – Registration


P.S. {Edit, Jan 2013} Oops, seems like a delay again, but it IS still coming. There’s a special “Focus Group” topic going on now on the Forum to discuss this: current members interested in participating, check the forum post for how to get access to it.



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