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Welcome to the Detroit Blackjack Team website. We're a private group of card-counting 'advantage players' located in the Detroit, Michigan area, the 5th largest casino market in the USA, grossing $1.36 billion a year.

Membership on the team is by invitation only. There are two levels of membership: "Associates" and "Core Team" players. Core Team members are generally recruited from the pool of Associates, again by invitation only. All members are paid a share of team earnings and there are many other benefits of membership, including education and training access, optional pooling of individual bankrolls, sharing of game info and trip expenses, 'ad hoc' team play sessions (versus always going it alone against the casinos), plus much more.

We have a member review and rating process where, over time, your reputation and trust can grow on the team. Our online message board and casino calendar system facilitates our members' busy schedules and helps maximize your benefit of time at the tables. In short, membership on the Detroit Blackjack Team is an investment in your success at beating the game of blackjack! It is not only a profitable financial investment, but also one of time saved and skills & reputation earned that will repay you many times over.

If you have received an invitation to join us, click the e-mail link and send us a message with your contact information. We'll reply with more details on the player review and team membership application process.

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